Fleet Management system
To advance the quality of fleet management service,we have already increased the resource-on IT technology and introduced Global Positioning System (GPS).We provide accurate position and speed detect information for every vehicle and so that the location and routing of vehicle could be traced clearly all the time.Journey is obviously shown..We provide 24-hour all-round information service for the safety of the customersˇgoods.

Regular vehicle maintenance would be carried out every 3 months,including lubricant and filter replacement,checking and tuning of engine,barking,turning,hanger and electrical system,to ensure vehicle operating in the safe and reliable condition


Government Approved Petrol Station

To enhance the competitiveness of transportation cost,we acquired petrol station with Hong Kong Governmentˇs

approval. Therfore, we could buy petrol directly from the oil company and this effectively reduces our energy cost. In meanwhile, the transport efficiency is increased by reducing time for queuing at petrol.